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LuaLu REPL - Learn Lua Coding

Welcome to LuaLu: Unleash Your Lua Coding Potential!

Dive into the world of Lua coding with LuaLu, your all-in-one Lua Integrated Development Environment (IDE) on iOS. With a standalone interpreter, feature-rich code editor, and an intuitive file manager, LuaLu is the ultimate toolkit for Lua enthusiasts and learners alike.

Why Choose LuaLu?

Learn and Experiment: LuaLu is the perfect playground for Lua enthusiasts. Whether you’re testing code snippets from books or unleashing your creativity, our interactive learning environment lets you experiment and refine your Lua skills effortlessly.

Project Mastery: Elevate your coding game by organizing complex projects effortlessly. LuaLu’s built-in File Manager allows you to create, manage, and run multi-file Lua projects with ease. The terminal integration lets you execute your creations seamlessly.

What’s on the Horizon?

Expanded Libraries: LuaLu is gearing up to introduce more essential libraries like LuaFileSystem, LuaSocket, and beyond. If there’s a library you swear by, let us know! Your feedback shapes the future of LuaLu.

Package Management Magic: Stay tuned for LuaLu’s Package Manager, a game-changer for library integration. It’s like having LuaRocks at your fingertips, making library management a breeze.

Debugging Bliss: We’re working on empowering LuaLu with robust debugging capabilities. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a smoother coding experience.

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Your Voice Matters: Have a suggestion or a brilliant idea? Reach out to us at or visit Your input is what propels LuaLu forward.

Learn on Your Terms: LuaLu is not just an app; it’s a journey. Learn programming wherever, whenever, and whatever you desire. Unleash your coding potential with LuaLu today!

LuaLu is Lua IDE with a standalone interpreter, a Code Editor and File Manager and many useful resources for learning Lua.

This App is for the ones who wants to try some pieces of Lua code when they are learning Lua, they can test the grammar and the logic of the Lua codes from books or their mind.

And You can also create complex project with a lot of Lua files and folders to organize the structure of your project using the built-in File Manager. And then run your project in the terminal.


1. Add some other useful libraries: LuaFileSystem, LuaSocket, or others. If you think some libraries are very important to you, contact me.

2. Implement a Package Manager like LuaRocks

3. Debug Lua code

if you have any suggestions, feel free to email me( or visit and leave a comment for LuaLu.

Learning programming wherever,whenever,whatever.